Focalizing Projects in Action

Focalizing Somatic Healing Star

Through 9 distinct phases, represented by the Focalizing Star, we tap into our consciousness – a fundamental quality of nature with innate capacities to connect us to that which is ordinarily hidden. When we reconnect with this latent resource within we experience insights, inner instruction, and states of knowing that surpass previous understanding.


Dr. Michael Picucci synthesized Focalizing based on his studies of the many traditions of Energy and Somatic Psychologies, along with his re- discovery of the source of inner wisdom that lives in all of us.

Focalizing Certification Training Courses

The Focalizing Institute is engaged in training students working in a multitude of fields including business, psychology, holistic health, education and more. Our courses share how anyone can use Focalizing to support their growth and healing journey - especially when it may feel stuck or blocked by trauma, conditioned thinking or sexual barriers. The training course runs 10 weeks and involves a mixture of weekly classes and experiential learning. In addition to the classes, students facilitate Focalizing for others on a weekly basis and receive feedback based on their experiences. Throughout the 10 weeks, course takers are encouraged to envision how Focalizing can support or integrate with their existing expertise. For many of our students, Focalizing goes on to be a powerful healing technology that enriches a variety of facets of everyday life and works well in conjunction with other healing modalities. Click to read more about the Focalizing Certification Course.

The Millennial Energy Project

A 2010 Pew Research  report describes Millennials as “confident, self- expressive, liberal, upbeat, and open to change.” They are characterized as having greater ethnic and racial diversity than previous generations and being better educated than any other generation in American history. Most of them demand and expect a stimulating work environment with plenty of opportunities for creativity and self-expression and a great deal of personal freedom in self-directed work. Millennials are likely to reshape the modern workplace as we know it according to a 2012 Washington Post article. In addition, most Millennials appear to be distrustful of traditional institutions while at the same time being more optimistic about the future than older adults according to a 2014 Pew Research study.

We believe that Millennials as an aggregate bring tremendous energy to progressive social change and conscious evolution. This makes catalyzing intergenerational collaboration and co-creation an imperative of great significance. The human technologies of Focalizing and Dynamic Linking are uniquely suited to facilitate easy and effortless access to that immense creative potential individually as well as collectively. 

The Focalizing Institute’s Millennial Energy Project aims to introduce young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 to Focalizing and Dynamic Linking as a means of clarifying inner intention and supporting outer action directed toward building a better future for all. We support groups of young adults to enable the emergence of new ideas and projects or to help strengthen the impact of existing initiatives.


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Focalizing Applications

Removing Barriers to Fuller Self- Expression

In this somatic approach, we shift our attention to what is currently happening in the body which allows us to organically bring forth and gracefully transform whatever is blocking our connection with Source Energy and making us feel stuck. The boundaries between past, present, and future dissolve, leaving linear time behind, coaxing us into a realm of timelessness. From this place illumination, healing, and transformation become possible. The experience is often a sense of resilience, strength, and balance. As such, it offers the very real possibility for healing what limits, constrains and binds us individually while providing the innovative and creative solutions for a more sustainable, collective existence. 

Dr. Michael Picucci synthesized Focalizing based on his studies of the many traditions of Energy and Somatic Psychologies, along with his re- discovery of the source of inner wisdom that lives in all of us.

Trauma Resolution

Focalizing works with the understanding that emotional and often physical pain can be the consequence of more subtle unconscious and energetic imbalances. By first bringing attention to the physical body, deeper emotional and energetic pathways can be accessed and healed without seeking or needing to re-live the initial trauma.

Veterans PTSD Project
A special focus for us is the use of Focalizing in alleviating symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome suffered by war veterans. We plan to launch a series of Focalizing webinars facilitated by Dr. Michael Picucci to support the healing of war trauma on a collective level.


Focalizing brings grace to the recovery process by gently reregulating our central nervous systems and neurobiology.  Focalizing is a great tool for healing through Stage II addiction recovery (as defined in Dr. Picucci’s seminal book, The Journey Toward Complete Recovery).

Transformation occurs beyond the cognitive mind where a history of traumatic conflicts is locked in the body. By finding and cultivating a conscious relationship with Source Energy, we allow for a body/mind/nature connection to encourage positive changes that reduce suffering in our lives. Healing becomes an organic, gentle process which leads to recovering a feeling of being whole and complete in oneself, with the cosmos, with nature, and with all things.

A Human Potential Technology for Collective Transformation: Focalizing Dynamic Links

Dynamic Linking is a human technology for connecting and communicating differently by inviting in Source Energy. It involves a language beyond words – felt sensations in the body and other energetic experiences.

The point of engaging in Dynamic Links is to connect with each other through the integrity and authenticity of who we really are so that our aligned energies and collective intelligence will outline the best possible future. Dynamic Linking then facilitates creating the conditions that need to be in place for that future to emerge.

More specifically, Dynamic Linking is a way of connecting with and relating to people in order to access both inner and outer resources. It happens when two or more people come together and become a unified entity. In this more expansive place there is a sense of flow, informed by Source Energy—the intelligence of a future wanting to emerge. In other words, Dynamic Linking occurs when two or more people share a coherent, resonant state, each interpreting the same stream of information directly from Source.

Dynamic Linking brings a conscious intention to such a relationship so that the energy shared and exchanged is for the good of each person, and for the good of the collective. It’s this construct of mutual best interest for all that enables a free flow of information and creates win-win-win situations.

Soul Energy Exchange (S.E.X.)

As part of the human experience, our erotic energy pathways suffer trauma and distortion. To heal those wounds by utilizing expansive Source Energy, we must gently put our old concepts about sex aside. Most of us never developed a healthy, conscious context for having erotic pleasure.

Soul Energy eXchange suggests that we can choose to enlighten our sexual experiences by focusing on energy that comes from our souls, not just our bodies or minds, and thereby design a new outlook on pleasure. Most of us have experienced Eros energy traumas that block our love and erotic pleasure. By helping unlock trauma, transform toxic shame, and melt frozen erotic energies, Soul Energy eXchange creates new pathways to the sacred.

Focalizing Training for Therapists, Psychologists & Counselors

This exclusive 16-week training will be experiential and cognitive and is limited to eight participants (there will also be a webinar training, please inquire). You will learn the human technology of Focalizing from the inside out. The method can be integrated with many other processes – allowing for potent treatment that provides tangible results in each client encounter.