We Are Offering a Free eBook Download: "Ritual - 21st Century Transformational Technology"


The first Thursday of May is designated as the "National Day of Prayer". In accordance with this theme, the Focalizing Institute is publishing and distributing a free eBook download titled "Ritual: 21st Century Transformational Technology."

This eBook provides a a new twist on the use of intention, ceremony, and conscious connection to the vibrations of the universe based on commonalities across ancient cultures, religions, neuroscience, and many forms of artistic expression. The approach to this eBook is complementary to existing spiritual beliefs and also offers practical information for those who prefer a non-dogmatic or non-spiritual/athiest approach.

Readers will learn how to access a greater universal intelligence, creative energies, healing, and a deeper sense of 'being present'. Please download this complimentary eBook below by signing the form below:

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'Emerging Ritual' Published

Emerging Ritual in Secular Societies published yesterday in London for global distribution. We were elated to see our co-founder's chapter contribution reviewed by our colleague Dr. Sonia Gomes: "Michael Picucci contributes outstanding resources for the use of ritual in clinical practice as well as in intimate relationships. The case studies and research demonstrate the importance of respecting ritual timing, interpersonal resonance and our own biological rhythms. Integrating all of these aspects... was a stroke of genius!"

New Audiobook — Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond

New audiobook, 'Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond' is now available through Amazon and Audible. We are announcing this new platform to access this profound healing process with great excitement. Click the book's cover to read and hear what the buzz is about.

This audiobook represents a foundational understanding of Focalizing and how it allows anyone to access Source Energy (our innate naturopathic intelligence). It conveys the knowledge and experience we have gathered in our research and Dr. Picucci's therapy practice over the past 30 years (www.michaelpicucci.com). It is this experience that has allowed us to observe the ways in which Focalizing can resolve unhealed traumas, conditioned thinking, sexual and other internal energetic barriers.

As these aspects are addressed, we are able to access a higher cognition of living that brings us joy, pleasure and contentment quite naturally. And this audio book explains how the process works.

Thank you to everyone who has inspired and contributed to the publication of this audiobook. And special thanks to @NickWerber for recording and editing the audio version that is read by the author.

Sober Sex in Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

One of the most significant blocks to more fulfilling sober sex is the “sexual-spiritual split.” After facilitating countless workshops with thousands of people in recovery, one thing is certain. The healing of the internalized schism between our sexual and spiritual (love) energies is the most provocative topic, and the most intimidating (apparently, but not necessarily) task we can address. I have yet to meet one recovering person who does not highlight this as one of their foremost challenges.

Click here to read article.

Seeking Source Energy: In Search of Lost Connectivity

Focalizing, meditation and creative pursuits can help us reconnect with source energy, achieve clarity, and embrace a new sense of connectivity.

Three things that block us from experiencing vibrant energy:

  • Distracting thoughts (often based on past conditioning)
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Erotic barriers and frustrations

In an article published today, Good Therapy recognizes Focalizing as both a healing modality and a creative process that can foster the continuous flow of energy through us and help this energy express itself with clarity.

Click here to read article.

Focalizing Training for Therapists, Psychologists & Counselors

Dr. Michael Picucci, Holistic Psychologist
Author and Recipient of NIH/NIDA Leadership in Research Award
Founder of the Focalizing Method: Going Within to Move Beyond

This exclusive 16-week training will be experiential and cognitive and is limited to eight participants*. You will learn the human technology of Focalizing from the inside out. The method can be integrated with many other processes – allowing for potent treatment that provides tangible results in each client encounter.

Upon completion of the above, along with Parts B & C, participants will receive a certificate as a:

Focalizing Practitioner

Sponsored by the Focalizing Institute.
CEU hours available from NASW & NADACFee: $1,875 (Part A, Focalizing in Action, Parts B & C Optional)
2 Hours per week, 30 hrs of training

Part A begins Wednesday March 23-June 29, 2015, 10AM - 12PM

Location: 44 East 12th Street, Suite #3C, NYC

Visit: www.michaelpicucci.com, www.theinstitute.org

If you would like to participate, contact Dr. Michael Picucci

212-242-5052, ext. 1 or michael@michaelpicucci.com

* There will also be a webinar training, please inquire.