Why Focalizing Matters by Barry Lipscomb

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It is clear we are at a crisis point in the world today. We currently consume natural resources at a rate that would require a planet 50% larger than Earth to sustain our continued existence and that doesn’t yet consider the growing demand of the developing countries. Even with this level of consumption there is a great discrepancy in how these resources are allocated with overwhelming social challenges going unmet while financial wealth continues to consolidate with a very limited few. And yet, consumerism and mass consumption continue to rise as we look outside ourselves for a sense of meaning and fulfillment. Yet, a real possibility exists that with a few simple shifts of perception and experience what looks like a doomsday scenario can become the contentment we seek.

Our current trend is not sustainable and will eventually be our undoing if not addressed, reversed and rethought. We need new solutions that are not grounded in the past and burdened with the baggage of how we got here, but generative solutions born out of an emerging future – filled with the possibility of who we might be, individually and collectively.

Focalizing is a means for accessing our own inner wisdom – the innate intelligence expressed through the somatic felt senses – a language of the heart’s greater intelligence. This wisdom is alive with potential for both our individual healing and collective well-being. As such, it offers the very real possibility for healing what limits, constrains and binds us individually while providing the innovative and creative solutions for a more sustainable, collective existence.

In my own experience, Focalizing was the catalyst and means for making real a lifetime of meditation and conscious exploration. It was an inner journey that expanded beyond my own experience and into that of the collective, from my personal healing to the innovation and creativity of a group engaged consciously. It has provided me the peaceful presence in the moment and a hopeful vision for our collective future.