The Dynamic Link of Writing Focalizing Dynamic Links

The experience of writing Focalizing Dynamic Links with Dr. Michael Picucci was itself a rich and potent Dynamic Link. As described in the book, Dynamic Linking is a new human technology for connecting and communicating differently that includes Source Energy and involves a language beyond words – felt sensations in the body and other energetic experiences. Source Energy here refers to the life force emanating through and connecting to all things in our universe. This force contains an intelligence that when engaged can inform the present moment.

I very much enjoy the creative process of writing, yet every writing project I have ever engaged has been a task with long periods of time sitting in front of my computer hoping for inspiration and not finding the right words. Other times, lots of words pour out but in single phrases or disassociated thoughts that require arduous editing to assemble a coherent text. This was not the case with Focalizing Dynamic Links.

In fact, there was never any sense of effort or struggle for words in writing this book with Michael. It was an easeful and flowing experience – all conducted through weekly, one-hour phone calls.

It started by creating and aligning on an initial outline and approach for the book with Michael. We then began our weekly phone calls as conversations about Focalizing and Dynamic Links with me recording the notes from our call and then revising the outline as more content unfolded.

After several weeks of our conversations, I took all the material from our calls, added some previous material and mapped it all to our outline. Remarkably, everything mapped to a section in the outline and every section of the outline now had content! We reviewed the material and conducted a few more calls to expand where additional material was needed.

It was then time to start the writing. Each week I would write and edit a section of the book from the material accumulated during our earlier phone calls. I would email my work each week to Michael for his review and feedback that we would discuss on our phone call that Saturday. I simply logged his feedback by making notes in the working draft rather than edit the text. This allowed me to remain focused on the high-level concept and true to the outline. There were a few times along the way we realized we needed additional content and would use a weekly call to ask Michael questions about the section we were working on and incorporating his answers into the draft.

Once this was complete, I went back and incorporated all of Michael’s feedback into the initial, rough draft. We both then read through this draft for a front to end review and made further edits. After writing an introduction and conclusion we shared the draft with our copy editor for her review and edits. Her edits were like the tuning of a radio, removing any static and allowing the text to sing with clarity and our intended meaning.

In this way, Focalizing Dynamic Links seemed to almost write itself from the Source Energy of an emerging future that wanted to manifest itself through our writing.