Focalized Music

My experience with Focalizing has always been intertwined with music. I was introduced to Michael Picucci's work through a fellow musician and the process of developing an awareness for the energy flowing within my body has forever changed the way I perceive and approach the creative process.

I feel inspired to create a piece of music in which each idea is fully informed by a connectedness to being and the felt sensations that arise in the music creation process. I've read and listened to countless interviews with songwriters who spoke of the belief that they were simply a conduit for the sound that was mysteriously flowing through them. In my experience, Focalizing is one tool that has helped me bring my attention deeply into the rhythm and melody that was always waiting to arise. 

The act of music creation mimics aspects of Focalizing. When I sit down to create a piece of music, I am constantly at odds with what I know and what is unknown. A struggle emerges between what I've tried before and what I've never heard. The more connected I am with being, the louder the mysterious instruments play. My being has no regard for musical genre and seems to be inspired by everything and nothing. It's not uncommon for me to hesitate or push back on the sounds bubbling up. Fear can creep in when I think about what others would think of the resulting song. However, in the moments when I am able transpose the sounds using the tools I have on hand the being underneath rises in celebration. 

When I think about this project I feel a sense of clarity and relief. I look forward to being able to embrace my felt sensations more fully. And I see this as an opportunity to look at the results in a more playful light that is less connected to my sense of "me."

For the listener, I hope the music can complement their personal experience with Focalizing. In my experience, certain songs can help facilitate a stronger connection to new or familiar emotions and body sensations. When I listen closely to a particular instrument in a composition I am peering deeply into a small part of the whole, closely following what it does next, and observing its role in the greater song. If I can inspire the stillness that is connected with experiencing a piece of music on the level of being, I will feel I conveyed something far beyond the sound itself. And I will have shared something I could not have put into words.