THE MILLENNIAL ENERGY PROJECT - Launch of Indiegogo Campaign

We are excited to announce the launch of the Focalizing Institute’s Indiegogo campaign for the MILLENNIAL ENERGY PROJECT.

This outreach is to rally all generations to support young adults of the MILLENNIAL GENERATION to foster the healthy and powerful expression of their individual and collective potential. By offering them a community of their peers along with tools for navigating the many challenges of the future we can achieve a win-win-win solution that benefits individuals, communities and our planet.

To learn more about the MILLENNIAL ENERGY PROJECT and contribute to the campaign, please visit

The MILLENNIAL ENERGY PROJECT will help Millennials cultivate the ability to:

·      Hold, resolve and transform as a generation the many contradictions encountered in the world today

·      Maintain focus, manage distraction and direct attention to one thing at a time

·      Shift this attention creatively and constructively in response to rapidly changing circumstances

·      Engage in deep reflection and creative problem-solving

·      Collaborate in person and online across generations

·      Develop attributes and skills characteristic of generative entrepreneurs and visionaries

·      Develop the emotional intelligence and courage needed to follow an authentic, self-directed life

To extend our outreach to young adults we invite your financial support. Your contribution will ensure that we have the resources to support Millennials looking for direction and greater clarity in their lives. For more on how we’ll use the funds we raise to reach and support young adults, please visit


Dr. Michael Picucci and The Focalizing Institute utilize new technologies to allow a truer sense of ‘going within to move beyond’ what ails us. It is a way of tuning into our innate intelligence to resolve blocks and move forward with inner guidance, allowing for a future that organically manifests through us. This groundbreaking work has won a National Institute of Health Award and features a major shift in how we can individually and collectively relate to the world at large.

In its 15 years, The Focalizing Institute has sponsored workshops and healing opportunities around the globe, presenting on topics as diverse as: creating a positive future, addictions, trauma resolution, sexual and mental health. The MILLENNIAL ENERGY PROJECT is its newest endeavor is. The project’s intent is to connect and unite todays inspired generation to create a more positive future.