We Are Offering a Free eBook Download: "Ritual - 21st Century Transformational Technology"


The first Thursday of May is designated as the "National Day of Prayer". In accordance with this theme, the Focalizing Institute is publishing and distributing a free eBook download titled "Ritual: 21st Century Transformational Technology."

This eBook provides a a new twist on the use of intention, ceremony, and conscious connection to the vibrations of the universe based on commonalities across ancient cultures, religions, neuroscience, and many forms of artistic expression. The approach to this eBook is complementary to existing spiritual beliefs and also offers practical information for those who prefer a non-dogmatic or non-spiritual/athiest approach.

Readers will learn how to access a greater universal intelligence, creative energies, healing, and a deeper sense of 'being present'. Please download this complimentary eBook below by signing the form below:

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