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Focalizing transcends talk-therapy, and many other modalities, by shifting our attention to what is presently happening in our bodies, rather than the stories of our lives, with all the whys and what fors. In this somatic (body oriented) approach, we focus on the body in a particular way, allowing it to organically bring forth and gracefully transform whatever is blocking our Source Energy and making us feel stuck.  

Focalizing is a new human technology

It is distinctly called a technology because when the elements are applied, it produces tangible results every time.



Focalizing can best be summarized in terms of its "9-Pointed-Star” that captures the individual elements of the Focalizing process, yet expresses the interconnectedness of each stage of the journey.

While Focalizing is an organic process that dissolves linearity, one can follow the “process” in this progressive order: Intention, Suspension, Sensing, Imaging, Resourcing, Engaging Opposite Energies, Shifts of Perception and Experiencing, Soulful Integration, and the Physical Manifestation of one’s intention. 


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Focalizing Source Energy

This book provides an introduction to Focalizing - a highly effective process for dissolving inner blocks and allowing greater happiness into our lives.

Free download of Chapters 1 and 2 >> 

Personal Focalizing Experiences and the Benefits of Source Energy

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Focalizing brings about transformation by bringing together two opposing energies and allowing a third energy to evolve that feels more grounded and connected. We call that energy Source Energy. Focalizing is a dynamic and effective process that allows us to respectfully set aside familiar thoughts and feelings and instead access our innate intelligence. In learning how to transform overwhelming life situations, we can suspend our everyday thinking mind to a timeless source of change. Focalizing allows us to enrich a newly enlightened intelligence that becomes easily integrated into our daily lives. 

Focalizing can be practiced on one’s own, is often greatly enhanced by having a Focalizing guide, or doing so in a group (collective) process. Dynamic Linking is a natural result of the shared experience.



  • Focalizing awakens more Source energy with each encounter. Every Focalizing event awakens Source Energy that manifests uniquely.
  • Focalizing brings us close to remembering who we are and how we want to be in the world.
  • We become more present in every embodied moment, having deeper access to our inner intelligence.
  • Focalizing can benefit anyone who is in a crisis of consciousness, in a state of feeling stuck, or who feels trapped by circumstances that life presents.
  • In Focalizing, the boundaries between past, present, and future dissolve, leaving linear time behind, coaxing us to a realm of timelessness. From there illumination, healing, and transformation become possible. The experience is often a sense of resilience, strength, and balance.