Focalizing + Family Constellations Audio Exercise

Today we're excited to share an audio exercise from one of our Focalizing Instructors.

Some background: One of the unique aspects of Focalizing is how easily it can be merged with existing practices to create new and effective approaches for healing. For therapists, coaches, bodyworkers and individuals seeking personal growth, Focalizing is a powerful alternative when a person feels stuck and is struggling to overcome internal barriers. 

The guiding principles of this exercise prominently feature Focalizing practices merged with family oriented approaches of Family Constellations. And although it mentions the holiday season, this exercise is applicable year round.

This exercise was created and recorded by Nick Werber. Nick is a certified practitioner of Focalizing (CPF) who uses Focalizing and Family Constellations with his clients in Brooklyn, NY. He is also a co-teacher for the Focalizing Institute's upcoming certification training program. Listen to the 8 minute exercise below:

What did you think?
If you're interested in how you can use Focalizing to support those around you when they are faced with the pain and suffering of trauma, anxiety, depression, family issues and more, take a look at our upcoming certification training program. The Institute is sharing this program to certify people of all backgrounds to enable them to support themselves and others with Focalizing.

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If you're interested in trying Focalizing, the Institute is offering 30 minute Focalizing sessions for those who are interested interested in our certification programs. To sign up, simply use our contact form and mention that you're interested in a free 30 minute Focalizing session.

What is Focalizing?
Focalizing is a somatic or body awareness based approach that allows people to work effectively on existing internal barriers and emotional challenges without relying on re-living or re-telling the stories around them. The approach does not involve physical touch and instead guides people to find resources and strength within their bodies by moving the focus of their attention in a step by step process. The healing Focalizing provides lasts long after the session and can address a variety of personal and interpersonal struggles. Click to read our comprehensive What is Focalizing? page