Current Programs

Foundations of Focalizing - Summer 2018

The Focalizing Institute will be presenting an in-depth certification training at The Garrison Institute on the foundations and applications of Focalizing. This program is designed to introduce individuals, practitioners and clinicians to Focalizing and train participants on how to apply it for personal and interpersonal healing. Certified students will be able to lead Focalizing sessions and integrate the method into existing practices. To read the full program description including how to register, click the button below:

Michael Picucci Award Winning Psychologist

Focalizing's Advanced Applications  - Spring 2019

Our Advanced Applications program is designed for graduates of the Foundations of Focalizing course who want to continue to build on their existing practice. The advanced program expands on the Foundations program by providing additional hours of session practice and support for each student. Join fellow facilitators as they hone their practice and tackle advanced approaches to healing, wellness and the Focalizing technology.

Advanced Mentoring in Focalizing  - Summer 2019

This is the third course presented by the Focalizing Institute and it offers a personalized support process in which Dr. Picucci and members of the Focalizing team will support each student individually in the development and refinement of their technique. The mentoring group is limited to a small number of students so that each participant receives personal attention and support catered to their goals.