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       Focalizing Primer

The Focalizing Primer offers a short and clear introduction to Focalizing and Dynamic Linking and their various applications.


Introduction to the Focalizing Institute

The Focalizing Institute is a healing, research and educational non-profit organization located in New York City with a worldwide virtual presence. The Institute's work centers around the new human technologies of Focalizing and Dynamic Linking which are congruent with and support the way of our future. They allow for less stress and more effectiveness in healing and creativity. 


The Focalizing Institute is the most recent name given to a healing and education foundation born out of a spiritual retreat facilitated in 1985 by Dr. Michael Picucci. An epiphany shared by those present started a movement that supported Michael’s ongoing research while igniting each individual’s personal growth.  The early members (1985 – 1991) became participants in Michael’s highly honored doctoral research. The organic nature of this community’s growth has called for the renaming of this nonprofit educational foundation to reflect current learning. Several of the original founders remain actively involved. On the Resources page you can download a free e-book of the Institute’s archived website content entitled The Evolution of Focalizing. 

What Is Focalizing Source Energy?

“Source Energy” refers to the life force emanating through and connecting to all things in our universe. Every one of us is a manifestation of this energy. Becoming more aware of Source Energy and working with it can optimize our lives beyond imagination.

“Focalizing” here denotes guidance for a natural path of healing and transformation. It is a process synthesized from a myriad of techniques that we’ve learned for doing just that. In his book, Focalizing Source Energy, Dr. Michael Picucci describes the experience with this force for healing and transformation. Focalizing Dynamic Links, a book written by Michael with Barry Lipscomb is an extension of that work, from the individual to the collective, from a healing modality to a human technology for co-creation through shared sensing and inspired collective action. A Dynamic Link is a shared experience of Source Energy, a dynamism.  This ‘linking’ is the most present and potent research, experience and sharing from this community to the larger collective experience.

Our goal is to share our discoveries with the widest possible audience who feel called to this simple, yet powerful process. We also welcome those who have no place else to turn to use the resources available on this website to address what ails them and to move forward more gracefully. 

We invite your participation in our blog, workshops, and webinars and in the community at large. Please, join our email list to stay informed. 


Here you can find select articles by Dr. Michael Picucci. For a full list of articles and blogs, click here.

18 to 35 Year-Olds Are Awakening, Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

They are the largest, most educated, best-connected, and most diverse generational cohort in history, and they possess creative power that can and will reshape the world as we know it. Paradoxically, many millennials I work with are not fully aware of their potential as individuals and as a generationz

New Human Technology: Focalizing Dynamic Links, GoodTherapy.org

Barry Lipscomb and I are completing the second book (from a series of four) that builds on the first, Focalizing Source Energy: Going Within to Move Beyond. The title of the second book is Focalizing Dynamic Links and its purpose is to support the best ways of bringing Source Energy into the world of energetic connections in a process of joy and co-creation.

Graceful Guidelines for Sexual Healing, Psychology Tomorrow Magazine

Sexual healing is the shame-free revisiting of complex sexual histories, limitations and perceptions combined with new awareness, understanding, and compassion. In the process of this rejuvenation, we learn how to merge our spiritual and sexual energies. Resolving this powerful inner conflict is necessary for true body, mind and nature connections.

What It Means to Live a Focalized Life, GoodTherapy.org

The core of focalizing lies deep in the felt sensations in our bodies that communicate heartfelt messages, allowing us to utilize an intelligence we may not be conscious of. The old brain enhances such messages, integrating them with other brain functions. Once we discover a focalized life, we have a constant stream of non-worrying encouragement and support, guiding our awareness and actions.

Source Energy Optimizes Life, GoodTherapy.org

Part 1: Finding Source Energy

Part 2: S.E.X. Expands Source Awareness

Part 3: Escalating Source Energy Through Trauma Resolution

Part 4: Hosting Source Energy

An article in four parts explaining what Source Energy is and how alignment with it can bring greater well-being, creativity, and contentment.

Focalizing Disease Transformation, GoodTherapy.org

Published in “Expert News” at GoodTherapy.org, June 2011. In this article Dr. Picucci explains disease transformation as the naturopathic shifting of our perception and experience of an illness.

Why Focaizing Now? GoodTherapy.org

In this potent article, Dr. Picucci explores the fundamental and timely paradigm shift in healing that is occurring right now.