Focalizing Primer

The Focalizing Primer offers a short and clear introduction to Focalizing and Dynamic Linking and various applications of the two human technologies.

Focalizing Source Energy

This book provides an introduction to Focalizing - a highly effective process for dissolving inner blocks and allowing greater happiness into our lives. 

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Personal Focalizing Experiences and the Benefits of Source Energy

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Focalizing Dynamic Links: A Human Technology for Collectively Engaging Source Energy & Creating a Better Future

Focalizing Dynamic Links is the second in a series of three books about the new human technology of Focalizing. Dynamic Linking brings a conscious intention to relationship so that the energy shared and exchanged is for the good of each person and for the good of us all. 

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Where We Are and How We Got Here


Organic Solutions for
Real-Tme Challenges

This 32 page monograph gives the basics of individual and group focalizing as they were refined in 2007. 

The Evolution of Focalizing

Reducing Suffering, Supporting Possibilities

This e-book is about the evolution of healing i.e. curing what manifests in one’s body and mind that limits contentment and joy. It is also an archive of the foundations of the Focalizing Institute. The text includes an updated version of the many doorways of exploration that served as healing resources for the many who emailed us on their journey to feeling whole and complete.

Journey Toward Complete Recovery: Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual & Sexual Wholeness

This book describes a "Stage Two" recovery program for evolving beyond freedom from addictions to "holism", which encompasses joy, bliss, love, empowerment, creativity, respect for all life, and peace. 

Ritual as Resource:
Energy for Vibrant Living

Ritual as Resource offers readers a self-empowering path to energetic healing through contact with healing resources. The book shows how to stimulate dormant internal energy to transform the troubled self. 

Audio - Guided Meditation on Consenting 

Focalizing: A Primer–
Video in four parts

What is Focalizing?

Focalizing and the Brain

Focusing to Focalize

Focalizing Conditions and Elements

Focalizing Dynamic Links Book Trailer

A New Hope


Focalizing Dynamic Linking - A Visual Experience

More Videos

We Are Not Our Minds

There Is No Conflict

Sustainable Planet

Tapping Into Creativity

Creating Miracles

Our Writing Process

Focalizing - An Energy Psychology for the 21st Century

Audio Interview: Dr. Michael Picucci Is Interviewed by Psychotherapist & Health Journalist Nicholas Cimorelli