Our Mission

The mission of the Focalizing Institute is to equip individuals and organizations with healing technologies that can fundamentally transform lives from the inside out. Too many people are moving through life compromised by trauma, anxiety, depression or conditioned beliefs about who they can and can't be. While millions suffer, there exists a gap in mental health services where mainstream approaches are falling short for large swaths of the population. We see it when we read about veterans committing suicide despite the services they are receiving, how pharmaceuticals are being abused at epidemic levels and experience it when we witness the increased sense of disconnection and separateness we feel in our relationships and community.

Our work is founded on the understanding that when people are given the tools to heal and transcend their past suffering, they are able to write a drastically different story for their future. No longer burdened by deep seeded blocks to life, we live with a sense of freedom that allows us to create and experience relationships and sex more fully, build businesses and careers that are in alignment with a sense of purpose and access a wellspring of creativity that can be focused anywhere we need it in life. 

Why We're Passionate

Our board is comprised of a collective of individuals that have all witnessed first hand how Focalizing creates a sea change in a person's life. When we acquire tools like Focalizing and Dynamic Linking we are enabled to take responsibility for our lives in a completely new way. We build momentum as we transcend our barriers and find even more tools, people and communities that align with who we are becoming. Soon the vision of who we are and where we are going has shifted. We experience more joy, purpose and what was once the shadow side of who we were is now a resource for the person we are today. A person we can embody with gratitude.